The true perfection of man lies, not in what man has, but in what man is.

Keeping everything in check - the world of Murtfeldt

Customers see us as a reliable partner for all industrial plastic applications. They view the name Murtfeldt in conjunction with terms such as reliability, security, commitment, and collegiality.

At Murtfeldt, people are the focus of our activities: Business partners, customers, suppliers, and employees. After all, the customer is our employer - our main task is to keep the customer happy.

We put our trust in long-term partnerships; and perhaps this solid nature of ours lives in all our products.

Responsibility in all areas

During our work, we focus not only on the needs of our customers and employees but also on the needs of the environment. When making plans and conducting activities, we aim to handle resources carefully and sparingly. For us, a complex energy and recycling concept is an unavoidable prerequisite for passing on our green planet to future generations with a clear conscience.

Innovation and tradition

Murtfeldt paved the way for success almost 60 years ago when Original Material "S" Green® was introduced. With this brand - which still endures today - we laid the foundation stone for a successful future. By looking to the future and investing in research and development that have given rise to a large number of groundbreaking innovations, Murtfeldt has safeguarded a market-leading position over decades.