Quality management

Gaining your trust through DIN ISO 9001:2015

By quality management, we do not only mean the stringent assurance of quality in the Production department. For us, quality management also encompasses the personal responsibility of all employees in all corporate divisions to do a quality job.

Each Murtfeldt product is subjected to checks to make sure that it has been correctly produced prior to delivery. Our quality assurance staff are not solely responsible for ensuring that the material, quantity, dimensions, and tolerances of a product are correct. In addition, each work piece is subjected to a second check in line with our dual control principle.

"We guarantee excellent quality to each and every customer. To ensure this, we have implemented a quality management system that is continually being optimized. Kaizen - the Japanese philosophy of constant improvement - is also practised at Murtfeldt" explains Stefan Dehnert, technical director at Murtfeldt. In line with our employee self-monitoring principle, each employee at our production centre is responsible for carrying out a quality check right after completing his or her order-related task. The employee in question and a colleague then sign to confirm that the task has been carried out correctly.

In the case of products that are particularly challenging from a technical point of view, quality assurance employees will carry out an additional final check with documentation at the request of the customer. Our quality standards are based on a quality assurance system that was again certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 in 2016.

This QA system guarantees that our customers receive a constantly high level of qualified, optimized advice and services - from all contact partners and in all areas. This holds true whether you are looking for advice or placing an order, talking with in-house personnel or field staff, conducting joint developments of new constructions with our Application Technology department, or making a customer complaint.
Our employees receive optimal training in accordance with DIN ISO stipulations and use tried and tested procedures to advise you. Ongoing training courses keep them on their toes. We believe that interaction should always leave room for the personal touch. Thus, our quality assurance team always takes customer requirements into account when creating process descriptions. This is in our interests as well as in yours.

Quality Management Certificates

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Machining tolerances

You can download information on tolerances for machining plastics here. To do so, click on the link below.

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