2015 Murtfeldt Plastics receives the Marketing and Innovation Award 2014

The award honours commitment to the Dortmund area, company culture and environmental management

The Marketing Club (MC) Dortmund presented the Marketing and Innovation Award 2014 to Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG on 7 May 2015. "We are delighted to be once more honouring a medium-sized manufacturing company from our area," commented MC President, Dr Michael A. Peschke. With this award, the Club is honouring the Dortmund company in particular for its clear commitment to its base in Dortmund, underscored by its long-term investments at the site. Murtfeldt Plastics is synonymous today with mechanical engineering due to the excellent slide and low-friction properties of its plastics, which significantly improve machine performance and also save energy. 

"The management is also setting a benchmark in terms of comprehensive environmental management and exemplary employee involvement and support and training with the culture it is actively fostering within the company," explained Dr Peschke, who presented the certificate to the CEO, Detlev Höhner, at a solemn ceremony at the company's head office in Dortmund-Brackel. With a tradition of manufacturing going back 60 years, Murtfeldt Plastics is one of the world's leading manufacturers of slide profiles, chain and belt guides, chain tensioners and custom machine parts made from plastics with excellent slide properties.

Detlev Höhner was delighted with the award honouring the company, commenting, "We are not a company that actively publicises everything it does and so we are even more delighted that the general public still very much appreciates the work we do." In the past year, Murtfeldt has added a new office building to its head office in Dortmund-Brackel and also installed a fully automated storage system. New jobs have been created and the existing office building has also been modernised, with ergonomically designed offices furnished with the latest technology.

Moreover, with the purchase of the neighbouring former chocolate factory, CEO Detlev Höhner has set another strategically important milestone in the site's expansion. The business success of Murtfeldt, however, has not been at the expense of its outside responsibilities. These include the company's active engagement in environmental protection and its social commitment to the area. As Detlev Höhner explained, “It is important to us that we use our strengths and resources to support charitable organisations for the common good in and around Dortmund. This strengthens affinity to the area as well as relations in the company."  The company introduced environmental management to DIN EN ISO 14001 as early as 1997, adding energy management to DIN EN ISO 50001 in 2013. In 2006, the company was eco-certified by the City of Dortmund for its efficient use of resources and sustainable environmental performance; it was recertified in 2007.

Great importance is also attached to the company's culture actively supporting all employees. The company supports its employees in many different ways, including, for example, paying wages and salaries based on performance and continuing professional development and training. Furthermore, joint sport events, social events with employees and their families and an in-house fitness programme run with physiotherapists all help ensure that employees strongly identify with the company.

The Marketing Club has been honouring innovative business ideas or sustainable concepts strongly oriented to marketing with the Marketing and Innovation Award since the end of the 80s. Previous recipients include national big names such as the BVB Dortmund football club or the Dortmund Technology Centre. The very first award winner was the Thier Brewery with its split crate, the last, GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. KG for their energy-efficient hall and stadium heating systems.

The Marketing Club Dortmund is a leading marketing network in the Dortmund area. Its more than 360 members include entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketing and sales managers, product managers, advertising professionals, business consultants, PR specialists and academics.

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