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The "Carbon" division of the Wissler Group is relaunching as "carbovation" - and the Murtfeldt Group is a strategic partner

A new Murtfeldt Group company under new management: CarboFibretec, Wissler Technologie, and CarbonSports are relaunching together as carbovation fibre technologies.



A new company under new management: CarboFibretec, Wissler Technologie, and CarbonSports are relaunching together as carbovation fibre technologies. As the youngest member of the Dortmund-based Murtfeldt group of companies, the recently ailing manufacturers of fibre composites will now benefit from the solid basis of a leading company in the technical plastics sector. CarboFibretec originally grew out of Dornier-Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik. For more than 15 years, it has epitomised high-quality, technically sophisticated products in the field of fibre composites. CarbonSports primarily made a name for itself around the world by marketing premium wheels, frames, and components for racing bikes under the brand "Lightweight". In recent years, Wissler Technologie has forged its reputation through structural components with top surface quality. Among other things, they're responsible for the excellent optics of Lightweight wheels. They have also been active in the musical instruments sector and in the field of optical components for fountain pens. All three companies were previously part of the Wissler Group and remain domiciled in Friedrichshafen and Hailfingen.

Towards the future of lightweight construction with extra strength and safety!

Murtfeldt has more than 60 years of successful experience in the field of technical plastics. The Dortmund-based company became known for its innovative solutions as a machine construction supplier. With increasing importance as a provider of standard and custom finished parts, over the last few years Murtfeldt has been consistently reinforcing 3D print technology and the development and manufacturing of lightweight construction components in addition to its machining competence. The aim is to further develop its position as a holistic supplier of solutions for international machine construction. The new addition to the family from Lake Constance therefore ideally finishes off the further development of the division with the new claim "HIGH TECH, LOW WEIGHT."
"We're really pleased to be welcoming the former companies CarboFibretec, Wissler Technologie, and CarbonSports to the fold - three innovative pioneers in the lightweight construction sector. This know-how from Friedrichshafen and Hailfingen perfectly complements our own portfolio and adds outstanding partners to our existing path. With numerous synergies in the areas of research and development, application technology, and sales and marketing, carbovation will also benefit from the corporate network," explains Murtfeldt CEO Detlev Höhner. In particular, the close collaboration and affiliation at partner level with the Wissler company family was important to Murtfeldt, forming a key foundation for the relaunch of the company.

In the past CarboFibretec, Wissler Technologie, and CarbonSports have experienced liquidity shortfalls because investments made in product development only saw a return-on-investment after several years. The shared partnership benefits from the huge fibre know-how of the former CarboFibretec and provides carbovation - as a member of a financially solid corporate family - with the opportunity of again dedicating itself to the developments of the future with focus and with a clear conscience, explain Andreas Ball and Andreas Wissler, the CEOs of carbovation.
The turbulent times for CarboFibretec, Wissler Technologie, and CarbonSports have come to an end through the strategic partnership with the Murtfeldt Group. Now, the future looks full of promise. In addition to securing the jobs of employees, the move also ensures the retention and development of carbon lightweight construction skills.

carbovation: Manufactured components realized in either CFRP or GRP

carbovation fibre technologies: Murtfeldt Group is a strategic partner

Murtfeldt plastics and carbovation fibre technologies  High tech, low weight: Thermal stability for machine tools

Industrial lightweight construction with fibre composites

Design engineers in machine construction still face the challenge of finding innovative lightweight construction solutions for customer-specific problems. One objective is always to increase the efficiency and performance of machines and plants. This can be done using fibre-reinforced materials that result in energy conservation, cost reduction, and the improvement of machine properties.

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