ESD (electrostatic discharge) product certificates

Antistatic or non-antistatic? Not an issue for Murtfeldt.

ESD (electrostatic discharge) product certificates Antistatic or non-antistatic? Not an issue for Murtfeldt.

Antistatic or non-antistatic? Not an issue for Murtfeldt. The word “antistatic” has not been used by specialists for some years. Indeed, it was replaced in 2010 by the more correct term “dissipative” (conductive).

What is more – and this fact is much more important – the ESD resistance values of PE-UHMW plastics from Murtfeldt’s “S”® group material lie within the dissipative range. Officially the permitted range in which plastics can still be regarded as conductive has a maximum of 1011. The value of all Murtfeldt plastics is up to a maximum of 106.

Maximum. In actual fact, many Murtfeldt plastics fare much better. During a review of all Murtfeldt and Murdotec plastics this year, ESD-Protect, the company commissioned to conduct the review, established that many materials have an ESD resistance value of less than or equal to 104. Materials within this range are regarded as conductive.

In terms of the ESD measurements, two different measuring processes were used for resistance measurement:


  • 1. Point-to-point resistance (Rp-p)
    The resistance is measured from point to point on the surface of the material, the material test per se.
  • 2. Volume resistance (Rv)
    Determination of the resistance through the material to be measured.

The following specific Murtfeldt plastics have been certified:

The electrostatic charging of machinery and plant components by friction plays a role in many industrial applications, in the automotive sector as well as in electronics or medical engineering. If there is uncontrolled charging, then it can put people in danger and damaged devices and machinery.

If these charges occur in areas in which gases and dust are present (e.g. the bulk goods industry), then it can result in fire and explosions. Electrically conductive and dissipative plastics help to avoid these dangers – permanently. The European Atex Directive 94/9/EG, in turn, regulates the use of components and systems in areas at risk of explosion and provides guidance.

ESD product certificates

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