Industry 4.0 means preventative solutions for maintenance

Intelligent components in chain tensioners optimize maintenance intervals

Chain guides, belt guides, sliding guides, and slide bars: Whatever the form in which this product type appears, the name "Murtfeldt" is inevitably linked with it.

The Dortmund-based manufacturer and processor of plastics, who is again exhibiting at this year's Motek, at Stand 3215 in Hall 3, introduced its established product for the drive and conveyor technology field to the market in the 1960s, and has developed it constantly since then. Murtfeldt chain and belt guides protect chains and belts at the same time as ensuring excellent running properties and high wear resistance. With a long lifetime, no need for maintenance, and no expiration date, they are also a fixed component of machines and plants in the context of Industry 4.0.

The digitalization of machine elements is progressing faster and faster. Thanks to the fact that electronic components are becoming more cost-effective, it will no longer be a problem to make even simple elements such as chain tensioners more and more intelligent.

For example, parts of Murtfeldt's chain tensioning systems already have intelligent components today. It's only a matter of time until the preventative maintenance of the future using intelligent components will be completely normal – and the Murtfeldt chain tensioner will come to call when chains need adjusting or other problems pop up on chain drives.

Murtfeldt is also considering how to give its semi-finished products intelligent features, too, so that certain electrical properties change when under load, for example, making the plastic itself into a sensor.

Furthermore, some important requirements are placed upon plastics in the Industry 4.0 era: Demand tends to favour as low a weight as possible whilst retaining high strength. Optimum slide properties help to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, the wear resistance of the material should ensure low maintenance efforts. These are requirements that Murtfeldt's plastics, and particularly the Material "S"® plus group, already fulfil today.

About Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG
During the 1950s, Murtfeldt was already developing its S material, a plastic whose gliding and wear resistance properties are still unbeaten today. Since then, the Dortmund-based company has been characterized by its visionary developments. Today, Murtfeldt is one of the leading producers of guide systems and slide-enabling, wear-resistant plastics worldwide. Murtfeldt products are used wherever products are to be packaged, filled and transported. With 400 employees in Dortmund and subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Italy, and the Czech Republic, field employees who provide customers with on-site consultation, and further partners in almost every European country, Murtfeldt has a broad production, sales, and service network. Above all, comprehensive and competent consultation is at the forefront of every single business relationship. With its in-house Application Technology department, Murtfeldt therefore has a highly qualified consulting team, primarily made up of machine construction engineers. .

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