Murtfeldt Kunststoffe - also making its mark in 3D printing

New dimension in the production of built-in parts

In its latest production procedure additive manufacturing - commonly known as 3D printing -, Murtfeldt Kunststoffe uses the FDB procedure (fused deposition modelling). This involves unwinding the model material - wire - from coils and applying it layer by layer through fusion to create the required component.

For 3D printing itself, the plastics expert from Dortmund dispose completely different materials: The materials Murprint ABS, Murprint PC, and Murprint PA are used. Whilst the latter two materials are available in black and white, Murprint ABS comes in six different colours. This material is ideally suited to diverse finishing tasks. For example, Murtfeldt offers gluing, filling, grinding, painting, and laser printing.

After an intensive test phase, Murtfeldt now has profound knowledge of this field and is able to manufacture professional 3D printed components on the basis of CAD models for resilient prototypes, small series, and functional models. The integration of insert components (threaded inserts, hexagon nuts etc.) is also possible.

Murtfeld Kunststoffe aus Dortmund bietet einen professionellen 3D-Druckservice (Rapid Prototyping) für Industrie, Gewerbe sowie Studente aus den Bereichen Ingenieurwesen, Architektur oder Industrial Design an.

The benefits of this procedure lie in the production of cost-effective prototypes, fast availability, and low planning costs. If the customer does not have any CAD data, the Murtfeldt Application Technology department is naturally able to create this. More information on this topic will soon be available at