"S" plus+® family of Murtfeldt welcomes its new member

Original Material "S" plus+® LFS ESD: An extremely smooth, silicon-free plastic - the ideal sliding partner for POM plastic chains in the automotive sector

It's not used in or on cars, but above, below, or next to them. On the assembly lines for the production of vehicles. We're talking about the new plastic Original Material "S" plus+® LFP ESD from the Murtfeldt "S" plus+® family, which - used as a technical plastic - is a perfect fit for the systems of automotive manufacturers.

Like its "siblings" Original Material "S" plus+® LF and LF ESD, this plastic also impresses users with its low-friction properties and high wear resistance thanks to a constantly low sliding friction coefficient. This enables an increased machine running speed at the same time as less abrasion and thus a lower maintenance intensity.

However, unlike the other two materials, Original Material "S" plus+® LFP ESD - thanks to an additive - does not contain silicone, which means that it is suitable for use in the production facilities of automotive manufacturers, where there can be a high sensitivity towards silicone. In particular, its slide properties are optimized when used with a POM sliding partner. This is ideal for the automotive sector, since most of the plastic chains and link chains used there are made from POM. Murtfeldt Kunststoffe is presenting its latest plastic for the first time at the Motek fair in Stuttgart in autumn 2015.