Mechanical limit switches

To best suit your requirements

The attachment location depends on the Spann-Box® type. In most cases, the limit switch is attached on the side. The contact is triggered by a cam switch attached to the slide profile. In the case of some models (types K-L and SR -L), the contact is achieved directly via the tension core by means of an opening in the housing.

Limit switches attached on the side are not suitable for the Spann-Boy®, for example. In this case, a limit switch mounted on top is used instead. The contact is actuated when the pressure pin on the tension core is reached.

If you decide on a Spann-Box® or Spann-Boy® design, please contact us. We will happily provide detailed advice on a range of custom options.

Both individual and reliable

Switch design requirements can vary greatly. Please contact us for more information. We will design the best solution for your requirements.

Inductive switches for Spann-Box®

Alternatively, a contact-free inductive switch can be used. This makes sense if there is a risk of explosion or contamination. Concerns about wear might also result in the use of an inductive switch. Inductive switches can be used for Spann- Box®size 1 and 2. Special models and designs in stainless steel are available on request.

Spann-Boy® (left) and Spann-Box® (right) with mechanical limit switch